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Akadia Drive is a rapidly growing repository of ESG and financial reports published by companies around the world. Akadia Drive is a result of our commitment to bring openness and accessibility to the world of sustainability data. Akadia Drive provides free, public access to all ESG reports including corporate sustainability reports, ESG data tables, policy documents, GRI tables and more of global listed companies all under one roof.

Akadia Drive continues to be under development. Request access to our public beta version to get early access to the platform.

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Why visit a hundred different places to get ESG reports when you can find them all in one place?

Unparalleled Coverage

Akadia Drive covers thousands of global companies comprising tens of thousands of ESG reports with histrorical periods. Our goal is to make Akadia Drive a valuable public repository of ESG disclosures of companies around the world.

Reader-Friendly Reports

Scanned reports are not reader-friendly. They prevent users from string-searching to find specific things. Scanned reports in Akadia Drive are put through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and are published as searchable, reader-friendly documents.

Language-Translated Reports

Get access to translated English versions of documents originally published in a native language. Non-English documents in Akadia Drive go through an automated language translation process to produce translated, English versions. Our language support extends to beyond 60 languages.

Powerful Search

Akadia Drive provides the ability to search for documents using a variety of options. Find documents using company name or ticker, filter documents by type (Sustainability Report, Data Table, Policy Document among others), filing date, event date and more.


Integrate Akadia Drive with your products to provide your customers access to our repository under your branding. Use our API to integrate Akadia Drive with your internal employee-facing data platforms and workflow tools to provide  your teams access to our repository through your legacy systems.

Free for Individuals and Professionals

Akadia Drive is free for individuals and professionals who do not need the premium features of our platform such as language translation, OCR and API. Businesses with teams that need the premium features must procure licenses for a reasonable monthly fee.

Necessity drives the most powerful inventions.

The most impactful creations come from the pursuit to solve critical problems. Akadia Drive was created to make the jobs of our data analysts consuming thousands of public documents easier and more efficient. Realizing the utility and the awesomeness of an organized, capability-rich, cloud-based documents infrastructure with our own data business,  we decided to make Akadia Drive public so we're able to share the incredible benefits that we reap with individuals and businesses that have something to gain from it.


Under the hood, Akadia Drive comprises a network of web crawlers, scrapers, cloud storage, OCR tools, language translation APIs and a dedicated team of people leveraging these tools to maintain the document repository.

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If you're an individual or a professional who needs basic access to reports

If you're a business that needs access to the premium features

If you're an enterprise that wants to migrate your in-house documents repository to Akadia Drive

Sign up to create an Akadia Drive account for free.

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Your Akadia Drive account should now be ready. Sign in to your Akadia Drive account and get immediate access to thousands of documents in our repository. 

Access to premium features including document language translation, OCR, API integration and more.

Contact us to get your account and licenses set up for your business.


In addition to gaining access to the documents in our repository, you can choose to migrate your internal, legacy documents process and related workflows to Akadia Drive.


Upon understanding the reports and documents that your business needs, our team will build and maintain a bespoke document repository just for your business, along with the standard premium features.

Contact us to discuss your need and get a proposal.

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